Monday, September 19, 2005

DMBLGIT #9 Entries - Part I

For the remainder of this week, I am dedicating my blogging time to all the wonderful food photos I have received for "Does My Blog Look Good in This? #9". I will be posting a number of entries in the order I received them all throughout the week, culminating on Saturday, 24th. As you see below, I will feature the picture and a short blurb, so you'll get more than a series of pictures all week long.

There are a ton of truly amazing entries, and I don't envy the judges for the task of choosing the winners!!!

Here we go!

Entry #1:

Soycap from Without Garnish in CA brings to us a luscious ooze of chocolate spilling out from a delicious molten chocolate cake. This is a piece from a sequence that will surely make your mouth water, so stop by her blog for the full effect!

Entry #2:

Perrine from Paris shares a gorgeous peach tart from Délices etcaetera... (or Delights etcaetera in English - thanks for the translation, Perrine!). The lighting in this picture really fits with the tart, and I can almost smell the pie crust and the peaches!

Entry #3:

Catherine, who also lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, from Food Musings baked this nectarine and blackberry crostada by whipping up stuff she already had on hand for a dinner party! "Hearty, simple, unrefined", she says, but I beg to differ! The most refined dishes are those that bring out the best of the ingredients with minimal processing. We're practically neighbors - can I come to your next dinner party, Catherine?!

Entry #4:

Jason from Pursing My Passions in Seattle is one creative cook! I never would have thought to use katakuriko (Japanese potato starch) to coat cheese before frying! The result, an IMBB contribution of Fried Paneer with Peach Chutney, look succulent and I can almost taste the silky, almost gelatinous, smooth katakuriko texture on the cheese!

Entry #5:

We have another IMBB contribution, but this one is an earlier post (on August 1st, so it's still an DMBLGIT August entry!) of Rosehip and Hibiscus Tea cupcakes from Mia of The Skinny Epicurean in Singapore. She went with the hibiscus tea cupcakes in the absence of green tea powder to make green tea sponge cakes, which sounds eerily similar to my own IMBB: Cupcake experience... I love the colors of the sprinkles against the brown-tea colored icing!

Entry #6:

A simply stunning fig yogurt ice cream is what Zorra, a Swiss in Spain, from 1x umruehren bitte features. The contrasting colorful texture of the figs with the crisp, white texture of the cream on top makes for a stunning image!

And that's all I've got time for today, but there are tons more pictures coming this week from all over the world! And I mean that literally. I've been amazed at how international these entries are as I read through them and how food blogging allows us all to connect to each other in places we may otherwise never know a soul. I'm so honored to be hosting this wonderful photo contest with so many excellent entries from such diverse places, culinary traditions, and epicurean delights!

Keep checking back to see the best of food photos from all over the world in August, right here on My Epicurean Debauchery: DMBLGIT #9!!

Click here for Part II, Part III - AM Edition, Part III - PM Edition, and the Finale.


augustusgloop said...

Wow. What speed. And we all get a write-up as well? What a great way to find out what's in the global fridge!

Thanks for hosting. You've got a long slog ahead of you! And I assure you it's much appreciated!

Catherine said...

Alice, so we're neighbors! It would be fun to do lunch sometime.

Alice said...

Thanks, Augustus!

I sure do have a long, long way to go!!! The entries keep coming as I do the write-ups, and my list isn't getting any shorter! But it's fun, and I'm glad to have the opportunity.


Yes, lunch would be fun! I've met so many friends through blogging and it's such a wonderful way to 'kind of' know someone - sort of like being in the same class in college or something!