Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DMBLGIT #9 Entries - Part II continued

OK, trying again with Part II of DMBLGIT #9!

Entry #7:

Kevin from Seriously Good from Knoxville, TN sure knows a thing or two about the epicurean delights of fats and oils! His contribution of Potatoes and Carrots Roasted in Duck Fat is glistening seductively and the color combination in this photo is stunning! The green beans really add a whole new dimension! Kevin invites us all to take a moment to reflect on the varieties and flavors of the fats and oils that surround us by posting a list of our own pantry collection on our blogs - I'll be doing one as soon as this DMBLGIT insanity is over!

Entry #8:

Kelly from Brisbane, Australia presents a lovely photo of her SHF: Coffee contribution on The Occasional Epicure. Her espresso cupcakes were inspired by Donna Hay, but she adds her personal touch by topping the cakes with coffee icing. She particularly enjoyed the chewy tops (my favorite too!!), and I can almost taste that unique texture of cupcake tops, perfectly scented with coffee. I'm going to have to try this recipe soon!

Entry #9:

Moira from UK shares with us her oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on Who Wants Seconds? Take a look at the wonderful texture in this photo! The slightly more brown bottom sides almost bring the aroma of fresh baked cookies right to my nostrils! Moira's recipe is her own creation after many batches over the years, so if you're looking for a good cookie recipe, give this one a try!

Entry #10:

Ilva from Aglio e olio - en utflykt i det italienska köket brings us a beautifully lighted fresh fig with goat cheese cream and basil-scented honey. If you look closely, you will see the sun-soaked around the fig - absolutely beautiful effect of light on the viscous liquid! Ilva is a Swedish woman living in Italy, and those of you lucky enough to read Swedish can find out her take on Italian life and Italian cuisine!

Entry #11:

Chef Mark Tafoya from New York is a personal chef with quite the life history! A Broadway actor gone culinary! He sure has that Broadway smile!!! This multi-colored torte with chopped eggs, avocados, champagne onions, Granoff Royale Roe (what's that? I love fish roe, but I've never heard of these) with crackers was a creation for a cocktail reception he cooked for, and boy, he cooked up a storm at that reception! Check out the rest of his dishes at the ReMARKable Palate!

Entry #12:

Staximo from Italy sends us Caponata on Lo Spazio di Staximo. This is one neatly packed fork!! What an interesting layout!! I might have to borrow this idea sometime myself. And the white background really enhances the colors of the caponata. By the way, can someone tell me what a caponata is? It must be some kind of a tomato based stew with... eggplants?

Entry #13:

William from Atlanta plays with perspective in this fun frame with pineapples at Never Trust a Skinny Chef. Grilled pineapples are SO fragrant and the sizzled look makes me certain that this must have been a fabulous treat for all of the senses. The pineapples then joined forces with strawberries, pound cake, and ice cream to become mouth watering pineapple-strawberry shortcakes!

Entry #14:

Ah, Stephen. It was your entry that I was writing when my computer crashed this morning... But no matter, Stephen's entry from Maine is totally worthy of all the reposting. Stephen shows us how easy it is to make a luscious looking mocha mint granita on as a SHF:Coffee entry. Check out the lighting on this one! He used a handheld flash with a slow shutter speed and large aperture to accomplish this wonderful work of art!

Entry #15:

Alanna of The Veggie Venture from St. Louis is our first Eat Local entry!!! She created this plate of lavender potatoes from potatoes she got at the farmer's market down the street from her, rosemary from her pot on the patio, and lavender from ...Whole Foods (although the fresh lavender you see was from her herb garden!). Alanna also shares wonderful tips on new potatoes - like steamed new potatoes are mealy while boiled new potatoes are creamy - and more!

Entry #16:

Brett from In Praise of Sardines of San Francisco also has an Eat Local entry! He caught some ripe, juicy figs from Rick Knoll's Tairwa Farm in Brentwood for his Fruit Porn series, which also includes pluots and grapes. I'm a novice fig connoisseur, but I can tell these are some juicy looking figs!

Oh my, that's all I can manage today, but I'm not even half way through!!! Keep checking back for more wonderful food photography, right here on My Epicurean Debauchery!!

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Staximo said...

Caponata is a traditional dish of Sicily.
It is done with fried eggplants, green olives, capers, celery, tomato sauce, sugar and vinegar. It has a sweet and sour taste.

Very beautiful way to describe the entries! Thanks for hosting.

Ilva said...

Alice, you have made a great job and I really enjoy your way of presenting every entry in your own, personal way! Thanks for making it so enjoyable just to participate!!