Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Announcing!! Does My Blog Look Good In This!

Amazingly, somehow I was given the privilege of hosting a very prestigious photo contest!!! My Epicurean Debauchery will be the September host of "Does My Blog Look Good in This"!

Please send me the URL to your favorite image from your August posts to me at Also, please include:

1. the name of your blog
2. where you are located
3. your name (or how you'd like to be referred)

Like previous competitions, here are the rules:

* You may only submit one photo
* The photo must be food/drink related
* The photo must have been taken by you
* The photo must have appeared on your blog in the month of August

The photo with the highest score based on the following criteria will be selected as the "Grand Champion".

* Aesthetics - "Fit for the galleries?"
* Eatability - "Hunger-inducing?"
* Originality - "Nobody but you would've thought to take this photo!"

The highest scoring photos for each category will be given the "Aesthetics Champ", "Eatability Champ", and "Originality Champ" honors, and since August was a "Eat Local" month, there will be a "Most Locally Delicious" award for the best looking dish with locally grown ingredients. We'll be paying close attention to the blog post associated with the "Most Locally Delicious" picture to see how local your submission was, so make sure that information is included in the URL with the photo!

Judges are being finalized now, but I will update this post with judges before the end of the week... Sorry!

And the most important information: the deadline for submissions will be September 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Alice, A and I saw your msg and we would love to! :) -J&A.

stephen said...

Hi..thanks for hosting the venerable DMBLGIT this month! I emailed you my entry (Mint Mocha Granita, )- you can also see it by clicking on my name above this comment....Looking forward to seeing all the glorious foods of August...!

Cate said...

Just sent you my entry. It can be seen here:

Shauna said...

Hello! Given the vagaries of email, I thought I'd post my url here as well:

Thanks so much for doing this!

Clare Eats said...

sorry this is at the last moment
Here is my post!

thanks for hosting this!