Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Where my calorie-deficit went

I rewarded myself quite a bit this past Sunday after the half-marathon. With the wonderful gift of 1000+ calories burnt in the morning, I was surely ready to celebrate!

Unfortunately, I had to go to work right after I got home, but there, I saw Anne, who was also spending her Sunday afternoon stuck at work. So, on my way home, I gave Anne a quick call to tempt her into sharing a bottle of champagne (or, Sparkling Wine, I should say) and quality time on my front porch. We spent a lovely afternoon, chit-chatting and sipping my favorite drink (yes, more so than sake).

Shortly after polishing off the bottle, my half-marathon buddy, Jutta, had us (the Papa Bear, the Bear Cubs, and me) over for some delicious, smooth, creamy, and amazingly satisfying cheese fondue dinner.

It was sooooo good, I kept dipping...


and dipping...


and dipping.

I swear, this was so much better than any other cheese fondue I've ever had. Not one lump in the cheese, not one impurity to disrupt the harmony of the cheesy ambrosia and the wholesome bread. Cheese and bread - a delicious match made in heaven - the creamy satisfaction of the cheese finding strength and substance in its partner. I ate myself into a delirium, aided by the flowing white wine that completed the trinity of luxurious dinner.

Goodness, it was a satisfying dinner, worthy of every calorie I burnt during the half-marathon!

Congrats, Jutta and Arik, on completing your first half-marathon, and thanks so much for dinner, Jutta and Stefan!

For those of you NOT reading this during meal times, check out my blister from the Half-marathon here. Nasty, huh? The Papa Bear was complaining about his blister until he saw my King of Blisters. It's got so much liquid in it right now that with every step I take, I feel some swish-swoosh inside the blister. Yuck!!!


The Papa Bear said...

Yeah, I had to walk for a bit because of my blisters, especially when running up/down-hill. And since I was especially looking for some excuse to explain away my loss to the Queen of Running, I tried to drum up how painful my blisters were ... until I saw how big The Queen's was. Gulp! With a blister that big and she could still win, I had nothing but admiration for her strength. It turned out I had the least blister out of the 3 of us.

I guess what they say about women having higher pain tolerance is true. I'll leave the other things unsaid. :)

Thanks to Jutta and Stefan for such a yummy dinner!

Robyn said...

I've only had fondue once in my life and I think it was chocolate. And by "once in my life" I mean 7 or 8 years ago. :P


As for the blisters...owww!

mariko said...

Congratulations on the 1/2, and that fondue looks delicious. You know, I have never even had fondue before!

Alice said...


I've got Wings!

Robyn & Mariko-san,

I'd only had fondue once before moving to NC for grad school when I was 21. The one time I had it was a special event at a hotel in Nagoya, Japan. It was cheese fondue, and I remember thinking it was the greatest thing on earth. It took me a long, long time to find it again, but now that I have a source for recipes and tips, I'm gonna have to get me a fondue pot and get some cheese & chocolate meltin'!