Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Check out this craziness!

Wow, a rice bomb, ticking towards explosion in my microwave!

I had to take a picture of it, since I'd never seen this before, even though I've been microwaving saran-wrapped rice for who knows how long. So now what I wonder is - was this always happening and I was just not seeing it? Or was something different about this batch of saran-wrapped rice that turned it into a balloon?


The Papa Bear said...

In my experience, anything that's capable of releasing water vapor will do this, especially when it's wrapped tightly.

The bubble was _HUGE_; it was twice as big as the one in your picture. I felt like taking cover when I first opened the microwave open.

I suppose that the plastic wrap was of good quality. Go, Costco!!! :)

Uchipu said...

Microwaves are a mystery to me. It lights up a light bulb if you ever try to microwave one.

Ever try microwaving a whole egg? Shell and all? Now that's certainly is a non-lethal weapon.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I wrap something tightly with plastic wrap and there's no way for the water vapors to escape, that happens. Then when the microwave turns off, it collapses inward a little (implosion).

I've got to try that light bulb thing. Well, maybe not. Afraid it'll explode. -lance

クリス said...

Weii, sometime I see a saran-wrap like this. But I've never seen the rice to turn brown. It had brown color from the begining?

I think this rice had more moisture or air than usually. And then it had got bigger (^^).
Or...... the adhesion of this saran-wrap is too strong enough to shut air to be close to explosion point away in itself.

Alice said...


Um, it was just regular Saran-Wrap, not generic Costoc-Wrap... I despise Costco for its insane shopping rituals...


Both the light bulb and the whole egg scare me... I've had many, many serious egg explosions and they weren't even in the shell!

Remember when Ucha microwaved a can of something?! Or the time when you microwaved my favorite plastic plate?!!!

Microwaves... there's kowai.


Let me know if you do the light bulb microwaving! It's intriguing and makes me curious in a do-not-try-this-at-home kind of way.


Yeh... the rice was brown already... that was my little okoge that I somehow managed to create even in my electric 'fuzzy-logic' rice cooker... hehehehe...

I must've had this one tightly wrapped because I've never seen this before!