Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some new obsessions

Oh, my, I am so addicted to this Japanese Haiku Blog business, I spent all of Friday night staying home and writing haiku. It has this absolutely wonderful Response-poem function, where clever poets take your backbone poem and respond to your haiku with clever new renditions. This is amazing fun, I tell you. For those of you who can read Japanese, definitely go check out this Haiku Blog site. It is totally a hoot.

I'm also contemplating whether or not I want to go the CSA (community supported agriculture) way or not. I totally agree with the concept and I would be more than happy to contribute if it were not for one thing - weekday ruts. I work long hours during the week and the thought of having a foreign, unfamiliar vegetable I have to figure out how to cook is daunting to say the least. I checked out some CSA websites to see what I would get around this time of the year and saw things like turnips and beets. Turnips? Beets? What the heck would I do with those on a weeknight when I need to be on autopilot to get dinner made and eaten?! Oh, CSA. I need a predominantly Asian veggie CSA...

I ran a half marathon in SF this weekend. I wonder what tasty goods I can eat tonight to make up for the calorie deficit!


augustusgloop said...

Wow - you ran a half-marathon? I bow in awed respect and admiration!

The Papa Bear said...

Not only did The Baby Bear ran a half-marathon, she left The Papa Bear _in_the_dust_ even when her foot was screaming from having a humongous blister.

修子 said...