Monday, July 11, 2005

Heat exhaustion? Eat Kalbi!

Today, it hit 100F in Livermore. Since we've been having a relatively cool summer so far this year, the heat and sun felt extra hot. Being the big wimp that I am, I become a mush in this kind of heat and come down with what we call "natsu-bate" (Summer Exhaustion)...

One of the key features of natsu-bate is a loss of appetite and a general lack of desire to eat anything hot or rich...except for yakiniku. Yakiniku, which directly translates to Grilled Meat, is a Japanese favorite in the summer. Korean in origin, though much like the Chinese-originating ramen, yakiniku is very much Japanified now. Charcoal-grilled, gas-grilled, smoky, smokeless - there is enough yakiniku variation to please anyone. And my favorite yakiniku item is the marinated ribeye - Kalbi!

Although there is a Japanified yakiniku restaurant (with three branches) in the Bay Area, my favorite Kalbi spot is a Korean place in Oakland. Sam Won BBQ's powerful and dynamic Kalbi packs enough punch to nip any natsu-bate in the bud! I frequently find myself craving the divine combination of kimchi, charcoal-grilled beef, and chilled chewy neng myun noodles, even when I am starting to exhibit symptoms of natsu-bate... In fact, sometimes, the thought the Yakiniku Trinity is the only thing on my mind as I drive home from work in the blistering hot car that's been baking all day outside...

Sam Won BBQ House
2600 Telegraph Ave (at 26th St.)
Oakland , CA 94612
Phone: (510) 834-5757


The Papa Bear said...

The Baby Bear nipped natsu-bate in the butt, eh, bud! She was very gracious in sharing with me about 3 strands of the cold noodles and quickly slurped up everything, in case I came back to ask for more, after I finishing admiring the noodles (I'm a slow eater, you see. and we were sharing a _ginormous_ bowl of cold noodles). And she was doing this _while_ competing with me for the meat on the grill. Somehow, I was still waaay behind in consuming my share of the food.

I'm so impressed with the wait staff at Sam Won. Shortly after we arrived, as if on cue, half of Oakland's Korean population piled into the restaurant. But amazingly, the wait staff was everywhere as if they were on Bullet Time (a la The Matrix). Impressive!

Alice said...

Neng myun is my favorite!