Wednesday, July 13, 2005

From my garden...

I have my first red tomato!!!!

Gardening or pretending to garden is a new thing for me. I attempted it a bit two years ago, but due to chaos in my life at the time, I didn't get very far. I'm not quite ready to really reflect on that time of my life just yet, but I've moved on enough to try to garden again.

Plants are amazing. They are strong, resilient, and determined to succeed. They grow only to grow, without ever giving up. They teach me the strength of life and how we, as a species, is really much softer than the rest of the living world - we philosophize, ask questions about existence, and ponder over the meaning of life, often losing sight of life itself in the process. Plants - they live. They grow. And they provide the fundamental energy to support all of the living world.

This plant even broke his neck, but he didn't give up. He braced himself and healed. And lived.

Thank you, my dear plants, for the inspiration.


Sam said...

woo hoo - beautiful tomato

Alice said...

Thanks, Sam! You'll have to come over when we have our major harvest!