Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bobby's Beef

I'm a very shy person. Really. When I first started hanging out with the Mogurin in college, one of his friends said to him, "Alice?! She's the most unfriendly girl in school!" or something in that line. I've since become a little bit more social, but down deep, I'm still a shy person.

So, it was with some timidness that I ventured over to Bobby and Margaret's house. I was a house guest there, although I had never met Bobby nor Margaret. How did this happen?

You see, the Papa Bear always talks like he has friends, but I had yet to see any evidence that he had any. There are a few names I hear over and over - Mike, Bobby, Dean, and a few others - but through the three years or so I've known him, I'd only met Mike. I figured Mike was real and the rest must be imaginary friends a lonely bear created for himself, just like the Pooh Bear...

But it wasn't true! The Papa Bear really do have friends! And Bobby and Margaret are real! And they cooked a tremendous pre-Thanksgiving meal a couple weekends ago and shared the meal with some friends.

One of the most memorable dishes from that dinner is ready to become a staple at our parties and potluck attendances. We call this dish "Bobby's Beef" for a lack of better titles - I'm actually surprised that the Papa Bear hasn't made one of his dirty comments about the name we've chosen.

Oh gosh, now I can't really talk about Bobby's Beef, because I'm too self-conscious! It was delicious. That's all I can muster up now! Thanks a lot, Papa Bear! Maybe I'll just wait for Margaret to describe how good this dish really is...

Bobby told me that the secret is in marinating whatever cut of steaks (NY strip, ribeye, etc) in Italian dressing for FOUR days and then grilling the steaks on a open flame. Tender, moist, succulent, and full of flavor, all the guests instantly fell in love with this dish.

We attempted to recreate it at the Post-Thanksgiving dinner at our place on Saturday with mixed results. The Papa Bear's Beef was flavorful enough but it was... just not as good. More practice needed - that's for sure!


The Papa Bear said...

Ha ha ha.... Bobby's Beef! I didn't come up with that one! You're good, The Baby Bear.

Yoko said...

The beef was great at AfterThanksgiving party! I had very good time, and it was nice to know that my house was not so far from your place.

Bobby said...

What a wonderful name for a dish.. I will have to admit though that I "leveraged" the secret recipe from some friends from Latin America.