Friday, October 07, 2005

Why so sad? I don't know.

Do you ever get that feeling that you're just so sad or so tired you can't deal with it anymore?

Yes, MED is getting a whole lot more personal.

I'm so tired.

Anyone who can take me away from this will win as many Asian-inspired dinners than they can possible want.

I need an escape.


Yoko said...

People sometimes feel sad with no
reason, or with reasons which they don't want to recognize.

It is good to express your sad feeling like this way. I often do that on my blog, too. Good thing of this way least I could know what you are feeling and share it at this moment.

augustusgloop said...

I think everyone gets the blues every once in a while.

The trick is to work out whether you need company or solitude. A great day out Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and pancakes afterwards? Or a quiet stroll in the forest with a picnic for one and a good book?

JD said...

There are a couple ofr choices which do not require anyone to take you away.

Revel in it. Spend the weekend in bed and read depressing books. This too will pass.

Ignore it. Go out to the coast and let the fierce winds today blow it away. A view of the Pacific will fill you with hunger.

In any case, get away from your computer.

Sam said...

yes - getting away rom the blog can be the most refreshing reviving thing ever.
I know I dont do it often, but when I do, it makes a good difference.

ilva said...

My mother always told me (in swedish hence the akward english) 'After the rain comes sunshine' and I often think about it when I feel down. Don't forget that you have been ill, you need to sleep, work less, have a nice outing as suggested above, and, above all and already suggested above, eat some chocolate!

Alice said...


Yes, I'm finding it very therapeautic to write like this... It's a little scary how public a blog is, but it really helps me sort out why I feel what I do...


You reminded me of a very important choice - company vs solitude. I think good company is exactly what I needed, and thanks to your comment, I decided to go and seek some today!


Great idea to get away from the computer. NO MORE WORK on Friday nights!! I think ignoring it is probably the BEST advice. Ignoring it and hanging out with friends will take my blues away!


I'm in a way taking a break from food blogging by becoming a sometime-non-food-blog. It is refreshing! I'm enjoying the new freedom to write just about anything on my mind!

Alice said...


Looks like we were posting at the same time.

"After the rain comes sunshine" - that is lovely. I think it'll become my mantra during these harder times. A chocolate outing with good company sounds absolutely fabulous. Maybe I can drag some friends out for a San Francisco chocolate tour - Sam...?

The Papa Bear said...

"Sau cơn mưa trời lại sáng" is what the Vietnamese say, and the phrase translates almost word-for-word as the Swedish phrase.