Saturday, October 08, 2005

Nothing like a party to beat the blues!

I spent today eating. Literally.

A few of my Japanese blogger friends got together today at our only non-blogger friend's house today. Isn't it amazing how everyone seem to have a blog these days?

I initially almost couldn't get my lazy butt out the door, partly because I was so tired and just feeling b-l-a-a-a-h - but after being reminded by my kind friends via blog comments yesterday that I really ought to get out of the house to start feeling better, I decided to drag myself to the party.

We started around 2:30 PM and continued to eat and eat and eat and eat. There were two separate waves of food, and Ma-chan's dishes from the second wave was SO EXCEPTIONAL that both Jan and I couldn't stop eating even though we were full already. We kept saying, "Goodness, I'm so full, but this is SOOO GOOOD, I NEED to eat another bite!"

Like this lobster!

Like this shiso-wrapped chicken meatballs!

Like this pepper steak!

The party today totally helped me get through some of my burnt-out blues. I think I am letting some of my work stress get the best of me - I just feel like I was stuck in this endless rat race, spinning my wheels, working so hard, getting no where. And I was letting that feeling take over other aspects of my life - like exercise. All of a sudden, I couldn't remember why I wanted to exercise - it felt like hard work for nothing - I was getting exceedingly frustrated that I was running a lot and working hard at it but that my runs weren't improving at the rate I wanted. Perhaps it's because I had forgotten that I started running because I actually enjoyed it that it became more and more painful... And perhaps it's because I'm not focusing on the job at hand and looking too much into the future that I am not as successful at work as I could be...

Intellectually, I understand. But emotionally, I'm still working at it. I'm going to take it slow with running and try to find the joy of running again. I'm going to try to remember that work stress will come and go and try to leave work at work. No more working on Friday nights!!!

Thank you to my dear Japanese crew for a wonderful afternoon full of delicious foods, friendly shoulders to cry on, all the kisses (!), and the happy moments! I guess I owe all of you many dinners for helping me take my first step out of the sadness. And an extra special shout out to Ma-chan and Steve for their amazing hospitality and kindness!

PS: Chris' Pumpkin Cheese Cake and Ted's Dashimaki Tamago are coming soon as future posts!


修子 said...



Alice said...


朝、早い! 昨日はとても、とても楽しかったねー。 ほんとにおいしいものを食べて、笑って、楽しんでると元気になれますね!

修子さん、英語、上達、とても早くてすごい! この調子で会話も、すぐOKになりますよ。 いろんな人達と友達になっていくうちに自然に英語もすぐわかる様になりますよ!

Yoko said...

I am glad that you enjoyed a lot,too. I had very relaxed time and slept well at Ma chan's house...(^^;)

クリス said...


納豆ディップも美味しかった^^。白ワインに合って、バクバク食べて飲んでました( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ。

Ma-chan said...

Hi Alice,
Thank you so much for coming to my house!
I always try to make lots of food, like more than enough, so people can eat a lot without hesitation. And it usually ends up with lots of leftover food (I guess people still hesitate). But this time, almost all plates were empty!! I felt so good about it! Everybody ate a lot! Happy empty plates!!

mariko said...

Glad you are feeling better. That food would make anybody feel better! As for running, it is easy to become obsessed with it, but then you won't have as much fun. One time my hair even fell out because I was so stressed about being injured and unable to run! Gambatte!

Alice said...


You looked so cute when you were sleeping on that sofa!!!!! Have 'they' told you about the somewhat compromising picture they took?!


コメント、ありがとうございます! チーズケーキ、とてもおいしくて、今日の記事にしてしまいました! また、近いうちに遊びましょうね!


Yes, Pirorin-san and I probably finished the majority of the food there, although Jan was a strong contender too. I kept running into Pirorin-san by the buffet (hot tub) table! Everything was absolutely delicious!! Thank you so much again. Let's go karaoke sometime soon!!


Thank you for sharing your story with me. It's so easy for me to get all worked up about running and not improving, so your words really ring true. I often have to remind myself that I actually really do enjoy the process of running and that's why I do it... Ganbarimasu!