Saturday, October 22, 2005

Not so good, not so good...


I am not a big fan of fruits. I rarely eat them, and when I do, I only eat a little bit of it. I don't like too many fruits, but this one takes the cake as my least favorite fruit of all time... I don't think my dear fruit eating Joy could handle these...

Chinese apples.

Wow, I have never had anything like these bite-size apples. They are mealy to the max, dry with no juices, and what little juice you can squeeze out of these guys are tart, Tart, TART.

I don't think it's that I had a bad version - I tried two versions to give it a fair shot. And no, I will likely not try them again for a long, long, LONG time.


I'm still recovering...


Yoko said...

Interesting. Even that picture does not look so good. It is so different from your other pictures. This picture is like a mirror of your mind.

The Papa Bear said...

Huh? These are great fruits, Baby Bear. And when ripened, they're quite sweet but there's a teeny bit of left-over "bitterness/tartness" ("chat" in Vietnamese but don't know the English equivalent).

Anonymous said...

These are rarely eaten fresh.

These "honng jo" (red date) are a bit juicer when right off the tree (my family had one in our back yard), but they are usually taken and dried.

After drying, it concentrates into a nice sweetness that is used for putting into complex chinese soups.

Alice said...


Yes, these were BLAH!


These were BLAH!


Very interesting! I bet they would be much better dried in a savory dish!!! As soon as ours dried up, the Papa Bear threw them away!