Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Birthday!

It is the Papa Bear's 40th birthday today!!!!

The Papa Bear is my precious comic relief on this blog, saying very fatherly embarrassing things at restaurants ("Do you have buffet?" at a fancy Indian restaurant) and doing embarrassing things ("Oh, I saved Anne's left over fish skin from dinner while you were away") to more loving things - like driving my drunken body home after the mind had left for home already on too many occasions. He is also a very talented hand-model as many of my pictures prove. (Yes, as his pimp, or I mean, agent, I am willing to loan him out for a negotiable fee!)

He has taught me a lot about Vietnamese food, and most of the Vietnamese influences you see in this blog is all what I have learned from him. He's taken me to various different Vietnamese restaurants to expose me to the different intricacies of his cuisine, perhaps partly hoping for me to bring home some of those dishes. Instead, he gets food-billed as Vietnamese that he's never had and Chinese food with mysterious ingredients.

He froze his butt of in Paris (literally) after the Baby Bear made him walk around aimlessly for hours on end, stuffing him with twelve meals in 72 hours. The very last evening in Paris, he was shaking and shivering helplessly in his bed as I wandered the food court at the near-by department store, Galerie Lafayette.

The Papa Bear holds an esteemed position of Nikyu (second degree brown belt) in Sushido, after valiantly pin-point the strengths and weakness of one of my favorite Japanese restaurants. He's been training regularly, so perhaps he is ready to test for his black belt soon...

Happy Birthday, Papa Bear!!!


The Papa Bear said...

Aw, thank you, Baby Bear!
Now, every knows; I can't fool them about my age anymore. Shucks!

修子 said...





Sam said...

Happy Birthday Papa Bear.
My life will begin next year, so I am not too far behind you.

Uchipu said...

You still need to come to Toronto for a Vietnamese Sandwich/Pho taste off!!

mariko said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Papa Bear! I just turned 40 this summer, and it isn't really all that bad.