Monday, October 03, 2005


It is my pleasure to introduce the winners of the DMBLGIT #9 tonight!!! All of the entries were truly wonderful, and all of the judges had wonderful things to say about the quality of submissions. I've added up all the scores from all five judges and sorted the data to determine which entry had the most total points to shine as the Grand Champion and which entry had the most points in each individual categories amongst Aesthetics, Originality, and Eatability. So without further adieu, here are the winners!


Entry #25!!!!

Cin from A Few of My Favorite Things! in Melbourne, Australia is our winning entry. Her cookies with that amazing delicate pink won over the judges. Cin managed to also snag the Top Originality slot too as the Originality Champion! Double crowning for these gorgeous cookies!!! I also loved her post about her upcoming friend's wedding and her excitement about being a bridesmaid.

Next up, our Aesthetics Champion is...

Entry #21!!!

Chubby Hubby's gorgeous photo from Singapore with exciting depth-of-field play and framing with madeleines blurred in the background captured the eye of the judges! This really is a beautiful shot - a sense of serenity comes through so nicely! And really, how did you get the spoon to balance so nicely, Chubby Hubby?

For the Originality Championship, since the Grand Champion also took the Top Slot, I'm going to include the runner-up here. And the very close Runner-up is...

Entry #42!!!!

Fatemeh of Gastronomie in the SF Bay Area shot to the Runner-up slot for originality with this flying banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). Don't you think it looks like the sandwich is cruising along its neighborhood air borne?! With cilantro as its fluttering flag, this banh mi is ready for action!

We had a tie in the Eatability Championship! The shared honor goes to our Aesthetics Champion, Cubby Hubby, and to...

Entry #44!!!!

Lynn from To Short Term Memories in Tokyo cruises into the Eatability co-Champion position with her trio of Pierre Herme mousses! These adorable shot-glass mousses are so inviting with a warm hue!

Finally, our Local Champion is...

Entry #18!!!!

Cenzina from il cavoletto di bruxelles in Italy whose post I still cannot read, but she told me how these delicate treats are a local specialty from a small town in Calabria. A great interpretation of the 'Local' theme in addition to being a beautiful shot of stylish cakes!

And that's all there is, folks! My role as the DMBLGIT #9 moderator is over! It's been a whole load of fun, and thanks to all the participants and the judges!!!!!


Anonymous said...

the first photo isn't even in focus. bah!

Fatemeh said...

WOW! I am so honored to be a runner up! With the amazing array of entries you guys had to judge... WOW!

Thank you, judges!

Yoko said...

I like #21 because its composition is cool. And I want to eat #18!

cin said...

I didn't think I would even be CLOSE with all these great photos! Thanks for hosting and thanks to the judges :-D

stephen said...

Hi...great job on this month's DMBLGIT...! I was wondering if you could publish the scores of all the entries, so we can learn a bit about how our photos were viewed? Thanks!

Nic said...

Wow- all the photos looked great. I'm glad there were so many categories.

Alice said...

Well, Anonymous,

That's what art is sometimes!


Congrats! Long live the Banh Mi!


Would you be interested in submitting a photo for next month's DMBLGIT?! It's a lot of fun!!!


Congrats! I really, really love the faint pink petals!!!


Sure! Just send me an email at the aliceDOTfoodphoto address (the same one as the submission emails), and I'll send you the score sheets right away!


I almost added each judge's favorite as smaller award categories, but there was too much overlap with the five winners already (as you would expect)... There were SO many excellent entries and the scores were very, very close!!!

sarah said...

congratulations to all the winners! incredible job of rounding up, alice!

woo hoo! can't wait for the next set of visual temptations...

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks so much Alice for the great job you did hosting. I don't think anyone's ever gone to the amount of trouble you have in providing little summary paragraphs. Your efforts were definitely appreciated!

Lynn said...

Alice, thanks for hosting such a lovely DMBLGiT and I'm honored that my entry made it into the winning circle.

BTW, I think the judges did a really good job picking the top winner. That photo is unique (what a great looking dish) and aesthetically pleasing. Love it!

stephen said...

To Anonymous: about focus -- we discussed this a while after the last DMBLGIT (unfortunately Andrew removes comments after 3 weeks so the discusssion is no longer available)-- whether a photo is in focus or not is an artistic decision of the photographer, not a factor in deciding the quality of the photo...excellent photos may be partially or completely out of focus, as in the case of this month's absolutely stunning winnner. Being in focus contributes nothing in and of itself to the quality of the photo, or to the specific criteria of the's just a quality standard of a bygone era, held up mostly by product and nature photographers, although if you read the mags it's even breaking down usual, I'd be interested in what other people think!

2-minute Noodle Cook said...

LOL! "anonymous" appears tongue in cheek :) over the lively discussion on "focus" being the important criteria for photographic success in the last DMBLIGT. But if everyone had an opportunity to study Stephen's very good examples of shakes and focus, then you'll know that focus isn't everything and your picture can still make a really great post :). If you are studying Stephen's photographs, look at the clever use of light to capture moods (ambience, feelings etc). I find the family snapshots of Karen Cheng (not a food blog) a very talented graphic designer very inspirational also. You'll see everything from shakes to awkward lighting, yet the photos work really well.

What I find really impressive from this month's entries is the use of colours from use of neutral colours (#21 Coffee), to subtle contrasts (#18 cup cakes, #25 spritz) to the very bold use of colour (#35 Red Velvet cakes - Sarah from LA of The Delicious Life. Bold red and blue.)

Alice said...

Thanks, Sarah, I hope I can find something exciting to submit to DMBLGIT #10 too!


Thanks for such warm words! I had a lot of fun doing it too!


Congratulations! I feel like this DMBLGIT was more about the food than the photography, but then again, I'm more of a eater than I am a photographer!


Wonderful comments!!!! I agree that focus is a very interesting variable that can contribute to the over all effect of the photo - and that what one chooses to keep in focus is an artistic decision!

2-min Noodle Cook,

I love bold colors in photos, and you're absolutely right about how there was such variation in color contrasts between all the pictures. Over all, I can't believe what a fabulous collection of artful photography we have in the food blogging world!