Sunday, October 02, 2005

DMBLGIT #9 - Final Update before the Announcement

Ops! This entry was in the wrong In box and just discovered! You see, I had two entries sent to my regular email address rather than to my alice.foodphoto address - when I forwarded these messages to alice.foodphoto, gmail combined them into one message!!! So, when I posted about the first forwarded message, I had marked that job done without realizing that Sarah's email was also in the same string!! I'm so sorry, Sarah!

Sarah, from Montreal, Canada, had made a spaghetti squash meal after slow cooking (10 hrs!) her spaghetti sauce in a crock pot for her post on One Whole Clove. This is as local as it gets - she got the gourd right out of her godmother's garden and the herbs, peppers, and spices used were grown in her very own garden! I love the colors of the presentation - using the gourd itself to contain her spaghetti strands in it, she really maximizes on using the ingredients for the full effect!!

I've just got one more score sheet coming from one last judge before announcing the DMBLGIT #9 Grand Champion! I promise to let the news out by this coming Monday!!!!

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