Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cupcakes are good for the spirit

I have an affinity for cupcakes. I'm not a huge fan of cakes in general, but cupcakes are different. Whenever I am tired or sad, thoughts of cupcakes cheer me up. The Mogurin used to make them for me all the time - sometimes with boxed cake and premade icing, but those worked just as well as made-from-scratch cupcakes to brighten up my day. To come home to a house with something baking in the oven immediately melts the stress away and brings the fun back into life. As both the Papa Bear and I deal with higher levels of stress these days, I really ought to bake more, but baking requires people to eat the final products, and too often in our house, baked goods get thrown out from going stale... Oh, I have an idea! I should bring it into work more!!!

Speaking of cupcakes, I noticed that The Most Beautiful Bride I Have Ever Seen also had cupcakes at her wedding. When I was at Oliver's wedding, I was instantly smitten with the idea of cupcakes as wedding cakes.


I need to make me some cupcakes to recharge very soon!

And speaking of weddings, my college buddy's wedding this weekend has been postponed due to inclement weather in FL. Hmmmm. Sounds like I have a weekend of baking ahead of me!


The Papa Bear said...

Baking (and crochet-ing) sound like relaxing activities. Maybe I'll force some downtime this weekend for both activities. The wheels have been spinning too fast lately...

Clea said...

I made cupcakes after I read your post! Here they are :
And they were really good for the spirit too ;)

Alice said...


Alas, we ran around this weekend too...


They look great!!!!! I'm going to have to make some cupcakes this weekend! I really will this time!!!!