Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Noodle Lover's Favorite

I love noodles.

I can easily live without another grain of rice in my life, but if I were to swear off noodles, I'd be in some serious dietary stress.

Just to give you an example of my noodle-y obsession, I had at least one noodle meal for six out of the seven days for the past week:

Friday: Pho at Beef Noodle #1, San Jose.
Saturday: Stir-fried noodles at a mediocre Vietnamese restaurant.
Sunday: Noodle break!
Monday: Pho at Pho Binh.
Tuesday: Ramen at Kahoo, San Jose (soon-to-be-reviewed).
Wednesday: Ramen at Himawari - my favorite ramen shop in the Bay Area. Despite all the new shops opening, Himawari is my #1 favorite.
Thursday: Mixed so-men and udon in dashi soup.

My aunt and uncle who were visiting me from Japan reminded me that I always loved noodles. My poor aunt, who is not a big fan of ramen, told me that the last time she ate ramen was when she was in San Francisco last year!

The reason why I love noodles so much is because of its texture. I love feeling it flip and flop inside of my mouth, resisting my bite while dancing on my tongue. Soggy noodles are the biggest sin; even the best broth cannot rescue over-cooked noodles. As a noodle-texture lover, my favorite noodle dishes play up to the texture-aspect of noodle-y goodness...

Whenever I am making noodles at home, I try to add different noodles into one dish - spaghetti and parpadelle, so-men and udon, bo(stick)-ramen with pseudo-hand-pulled ramen. I love how fun noodles are when you mix more than one width, girth, or chewiness into one bite. Of course I have to stagger when I put the quicker cooking noodles into the pot, but the trouble is only 1/10 of the deleciousness.


......I might have to go make a bowl of mis-matched thickness noodles now!


The Papa Bear said...

Baby Bear, you're the only person whom I've met who can eat the same thing over, over and then over some more ... again!!!

I thought I was the only one like that, but I have to admit that you're the champion!!

Yep, world, the Baby Bear loves noodles!

Arik said...

Dr. Yamada I just wanted to drop a note and let you know I am still reading :). Much respect for your discipline in keeping this blog going.

Anonymous said...

I love noodles. totally agree that soggy noodles are inedible!