Friday, January 12, 2007

Breakfast Battle

Hi there. I noticed this blog has been neglected by Alice. I know she's cooking up a report of our recent New Year's Eve Extravaganza, though.

I read in this week's NY Times about something rather...well...interesting.

Starbucks vs McDonalds. Yep.

I don't do either, but it brought back an episode off Oishinbo.

That super culinary manga my sister and I both enjoy. In one of the episodes, Yamaoka must come up with a perfect recipe for an Izakaya in order to save his manager from an all-nighter part time job he had taken on. Yamaoka first comes up with typical Izakaya food, like small mushroom pie, chicken hot pots, etc.

The Izakaya owner rejects the recipes, calling the creations an insult, since being and Izakaya owner, he could have created these himself. The owner wanted something special, something only Yamaoka, the planner of the "Exquisite Menu" can make!

So Yamaoka goes back to the drawing board, comes back with boat loads of sweets, noodles, and other starchy items, as desserts. He says, Izakaya certainly have good drinks and foods to go with drinks, but lacks the final dish to end the evening. Something to tie up the feast.

If you think about it, Izakaya or not, after a long night of drinking, most Americans & Canadians (well at least the ones I know) finish off with a slice of Pizza. In Toronto, for a long time, a greasy Chinese food cart, known as "Mr. Pong" served greasy egg rolls and Lo Mein noodles right outside night clubs. And it's so true! Most Izakaya or bars don't offer this kind of "something-something" to close the night! What a waste of revenue! If your establishment served that, it's that much more income.

So when Starbucks noticed their customers trotting off to McDonald's next door for an Egg McMuffin after purchasing their Double Mocha Soy Decaf Latte (or whatever else wierdness they sell) decided to strengthen their food section. I don't know about other Starbucks, but the one near my work only serves scary looking muffins and awfully large scones.

On the other hand, McDonald's decided to strengthen their coffee selection, when they finally noticed that people with Starbucks concoction walking in to order their Hashbrowns. I don't know about yours, but the McDonald's I've encountered on the NY Thruway offers AWFUL's excessively hot and meaninglessly black.

So this whole Breakfast challenge started. Who would keep more customers at one establishment for both items - coffee & food.

Which would you choose?

PS: I'd take a trip to Tim Horton's (aka Timmy's) . Warm, freshly baked blueberry bagles with Timmy's coffee. :D They sell out quick, so you need to go before the corporate people get to it!!


Rene said...

I'd take some TimBits over McDonalds or Starbucks anyday (and I'm not even Canadian!)

yamo said...

Peet's for me!

umetaro said...

until starbucks starts selling breakfast sandwiches that can give you an instant heart attack and sterilize your children, i'm gonna keep going to mcdonalds.

The Papa Bear said...

Vietnamese coffee! It's the best closer, since it has mega caffeine, concentrated sugar and (dripping) fat.

I went too far with the "fat" part, but I had to come up with another adjective. :) But, yeah, that's another bad habit that I picked up recently because we've been eating out almost every night for the past week.

Anonymous said...

Peet's for me, too, but it is difficult to find.
Apart from that, Dunkin' Donuts all the way!

KK said...

After coming back from Taipei, I'm gonna have to say F $bux and Mickey D's (F as in "fuggitabaadit" in case you were all wondering ;-) ). I say set up a chain of Mister Donut from Japan and let it loose. These were the rage in Taipei. Guilty pleasure without the Krispy Kreme heaviness, light and addicting. And oh, $bux in Taipei had way more attractive pastries and snacks than our beloved shores (Belgian waffles for instance).

So yeah fo'get Beard Papa for breakfast, get a Mister Donut!

Anonymous said...

Macky Dees unfortunatly gets my voye and I don't even know why. A creature of habit, that hates change. I am not sure if I am "Loving It", but it is in my system and I can't see it leaving soon.
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Reya said...

I'd pick Timmies any day, and not only because I'm Canadian. Nothing beats their brekkie sandwiches or bagels.