Friday, August 25, 2006

My dinner tonight

I am taking the time tonight to relax at home and make something good to eat!

Here's what I have planned:

1. grilled bittermelon "boat", filled with natto-kimchi
2. stuffed trout with edamame-miso
3. wine-steamed clams with chilli-garlic-soy sauce

I actually made #2 and #3 before. They were quite good, if I say so myself, the first time around. I hope this will all work out. I got the idea for #1 from a food manga (comic), so it'll be an adventure.

It's been so long since I cooked a real meal with any creativity. When did I get so busy????

I hope I still have it in me to make something good! Restaurant Alice used to be the best place to eat in Dublin, CA. I hope it still holds true!


Anonymous said...

And everything looks and smells incredibly good! Wanna some hand models? :)

Anonymous said...

for taking pictures, that is...

lalex said...

Everything seems under control. I can't wait to see pitcures...