Monday, July 17, 2006

More for myself

It's 11:40 PM and I am still working! Urgh!

This post is really just so I can remember what I did when before my trip to Japan fades into a distant memory...

Day 1:
Dinner: Tempura at Yaegaki, Nagoya

Day 2: Travel to Nara/Kyoto
Breakfast: Assorted Ja-pan bread
Lunch: Over ten courses of tofu dishes in Nara
Dinner: Tawaraya Kaiseki

Day 3: Kyoto and head to Inuyama Onsen
Breakfast: Tawaraya's Kyoto specialty grilled fish
Lunch: Nishin soba (not Nissin as in the ramen maker, Nishin as in the Kyoto regional marinated fish...)
Dinner: U-kai bento and some ayu

Day 4: Back to Nagoya
Breakfast: Morning buffet at Inuyama Hotel
Lunch: Ramen festival
Dinner: Sashimi/sushi feast

Day 5: Last half day in Nagoya
Breakfast: Morning buffet at Nagoya Kanko Hotel
Lunch: Yakiniku at Toraji
Dinner: Assorted Ja-pan bread on the plane...

It's amazing I ate as much as I did and managed to lose some weight.


The Papa Bear said...

Don't forget about the little snacks that we picked up, too.

We lost weight because we walked, at least, 8 hours a day every day. :)

~JohNnyIchi~ said...

perfectly balanced diet ey?

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