Saturday, May 13, 2006


I went out to lunch today.

I ordered a soup.

It was very yummy.

I was about 50% done with it.

Then...I found a strand of hair in it.

It was not head hair.

It resembled arm pit hair.

But it was distinctly hair from somewhere else...



yamo said...

what did you end up doing?

Kevin said...

Oh my. I've never found armpit hair in my food, let alone hair from -that- region. O_o

Yoko said...

Really? That is Toooo bad!!

Alice said...


I was so shocked, I was left speechless. The waitress was mortified and ran away with the soup as soon as I pointed out the horror to her... I'm still shell-shocked!

Things are winding down for me next week - we should get together for a hair-free meal!


Me too until yesterday... and I sincerely hope it will never happen again. The image of that wiggly-wiggled hair in my white soup... shudder!


Shinjirarena~i fukou deshita!

yamo said...

alica, cool! Let me know when you're available.
I'm going to Vancouver 5/24-6/5
I'll eat to my hearts content. Hopefully I'll be going to Tojo's and Lumiere! :)