Monday, April 03, 2006


268 posts later, I am finding it so difficult to find my words.

It's almost midnight and I am almost ready to find my footing again...except I can't find my words. Totally exhausted from head to toe, I can't remember when I was last excited about eating!

One grant proposal deadline on April 18th and another on May 23rd... I wonder how much weight I will manage to lose by then...


Will you guys all be there when I come back in May???????


The Papa Bear said...

I'll be there, Baby Bear! :)

You were "impressed" at Cafe Esin recently. A visit to Anzu also left your stomach and mind quite content. And you were so happy that you found pizza that you liked at Amici's, smack in the center of the "culinary desert".

I'm reminding you that you've had some fun latey too and don't let the marathon grant-writing cast a gray shadow on everything. Take it one day at a time, Baby Bear.

jd said...

Sure, we can wait. Take a break from thinking about it. I'm sure you will be back when you have time.

Jeff said...

Hi Alice,

I went to Saizo the other day, actually 2 times in 2 weekends now. Wow, what a nice surprise. A+ for the Bay Area. Always wanted a yakitori place.

We were joking with our friend Ray while at Saizo that you are the Norcal version of him, as he has a lot of places in LA for good food. We ended up talking about his favorite pizza place and it was Amici's. Then I see Papa Bear's comment above, and it just gets scarier!

BTW, what are your grants for?

Freecia said...

You're on my RSS feed list and not coming off any time soon :) Of course we'll wait. Like a good meal, you're worth waiting for.

Kevin said...

Don't worry too much about us - we'll be here. Don't lose focus and keep cool. =)

drbiggles said...

I'm in the same place, not inspirec about nuttin'. Topped over 1000 posts a while back, not as much as some, but more than a few.
Time for a break!


クリス said...



umetaro said...

I lost 15 lbs! It's called the unemployment diet. I get a paycheck from the new job on the 1st and I already have a few places in mind to spend it at. Think "kurobuta pork chops." See you in June!