Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When oh when...

Thank you all for the wonderful supportive comments and emails for my post last week!

I feel like I have been running around forever now and the insanity keeps going on and on and on. Oh, when, oh, when will I finally find the time to go through my ever-expanding collection of food photos and stories...

Up my sleeve, I have:

1. an okonomiyaki party (Japanese savory pancake) I went to over at my Japanese friend's house

2. a Slow Food Event I went to over at Picante on masa tasting, followed by a scrumptious breakfast over great conversation

3. more kaiseki meals to share with you from Japan

4. several fun Tri-Valley goodies I've found around my neighborhood

...it will be a while until I get my act together. Two grant proposals, more experiments, several projects I am helping out with, and two manuscripts in preparation make for a very tired blogger without any time to blog.



jack dahlgren said...

I've always wondered why some people classify okonomiyaki as a "pancake". At least in the style I'm familiar with (Hiroshima type) it seems to be more an extension of things like takoyaki (which no one would call a pancake) or taiyaki.

Pancakes are simply batter with the possible addition of some chunky things in it (blueberries...)

Okonomiyaki is stuff with the addition of some batter to hold it together.

Is there something I'm missing about okonomiyaki which makes it more pancake like?

Alice said...


That's because the Osaka-style okonomiyaki, which is much more popular where I am from, is very different from the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. I've grown up eating okonomiyaki almost weekly, but I have only had the Hiroshima-style once.

The shape, cooking method, etc of an Osaka-style okonomiyaki (which is what is generally called okonomiyaki with the Hiroshima-style always being prefaced with 'Hiroshima-style') is very much like a pancake.

Stay tuned for a post very, very soon!

Kevin said...

How coincidental - I'm planning to make okonomiyaki this Friday. I'm using those okonomiyaki flour mix things though, so shame on me. ^^;;
Still, the prospect of actually making it is rather exciting, when I think of the mojanyaki I had while in Kobe last year.

The Papa Bear said...

Looking forward to your blogging again, Baby Bear.

Here's a suggestion for you to write about "Banh Xeo" one of these days. :)