Thursday, January 26, 2006

Guaranteed perfect pour

Since I was trapped in the Business class lounge for longer than I ever care for, I had to entertain myself somehow. So, what does a blogger do with loads of free time? Take pictures! This beer-pouring machine that I am writing about today is worthy of a spot on MED, even I weren't bored out of my mind, but I don't know if I would've actually taken picture of it in action if it weren't for the countless hours and pours I saw this machine produce - each time, with the perfect amount of foam for a beautiful pour!

Right next to the beer-machine is a fridge full of chilled glasses. Funny thing is, during the crisis, one of the biggest complaints from the Japanese passengers was that the beer glass in the fridge was still warm! Chilled beer glasses over showers! Ha, there's my fellow countrymen!
Once you take the glass out of the fridge, you set it in its designated spot on the machine...

and hit the Go button.
The glass tilts on its own and beer comes out of the left spout.
Just as the glass is about to get full, the machine tilts one more time. This time, foam comes out of the right spout, and voila~! A perfectly poured glass of beer with a lusciously enticing foamy head!

I had a few of these the first night, but I decided that I really needed all of my wits to get out of the airport on my second night - I decided to hold off on the drinks until we were in the air, just in case... Must've been some kind of premonition for my looming doom. It was a good thing I stayed away from the beer-machine, because sure enough - my flight didn't go on Round 2 either!

I have close to 200 more pictures from my stay in Japan, so come back soon for more MED - Japan 2006!


yamo said...

woohoo. too bad I don't drink beer.
I remember at stopver in Kansai on New Year's Day, there were workers in the airport wearing kimonos handing out free sake to travelers!

The Papa Bear said...

So, what's considered the perfect amount of (beer) head? When I pour, sometimes I don't get enough head.

Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog... wow! Your writing is excellent, and your pictures... oh, my. Best of all, I live in Sunnyvale, so I can follow many of your restaurant recommendations. I know we'll be visiting Gochi and Saizo soon, and probably checking out those gyoza you recommended, too. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you took pics of this. I was describing this very machine to someone last night. It must have been about the 50th person I've told of the machine since I spent 6 long hours in the JAL lounge at Norita 3 years ago. Very cool and very Japanese. You don't have a pic better showing the name of the manufacturer do you?