Saturday, January 21, 2006


I am in awe of my own (bad) luck when it comes to flying. Just last June, I ended up spending an extra night in NYC due to a canceled flight. Here I am, again, sitting at an airport for +24 hrs! This time, I am in Tokyo airport, waiting for a 24 hr delayed flight back to San Francisco.

Luckily, this time, I am in an executive lounge in Tokyo airport with amzing things like automatic beer-pouring machines. These things make the perfect pour with the touch of a button. And yes, I did take a few pictures to demonstrate.

I really, really, really hope my flight takes off today. These nice people just gave me a few pastry breads since their flight was announced as boarding. I was telling them that I've been here 24+ hrs, so they wished me luck with sweets. It looks pretty good~!

Well, I have a crap load of pictures of delicious treats and delicate meals from my trip, so stay tuned for MED-Japan Edition 2006!

Hmmm. I am automatically connected to Blogger on the JP server, and there is no spell check function here... Please excuse the typos!


The Papa Bear said...

Looking forward to having you back, The Baby Bear.

mariko said...

Pretty soon you're going to be like that Tom Hanks character in that Terminal movie! Hope you get back to SF soon.

Uchipu said...

That's why you need a PC Laptop. Imagine all the adventuring you could've done in the Lounge!!!!!

You'd be like level 40 by now :P

Mom called me in a panic like 10 times Sunday morning...........