Sunday, December 04, 2005

When life gets in the way of blogging...

I've been so busy with work, life, and all sorts of holiday events and what-nots, I haven't been able to participate in the wonderful food blogging events - I missed the IMBB/SHF Cookie Exchange, Paper Chef, and all the other fun... Oh well, maybe next year.

This coming week is going to be a nightmare for me in terms of scheduling. My aunt is visiting from Japan - which is great, because she's bringing me some excellent Japanese ingredients and treats. But it means I'll be very busy, since I'll be going into San Francisco almost every night to have dinner with her.

To make matters worse, coming up this week is a work seminar I have to give at our Annual Departmental Symposium on Wednesday, where I have to discuss the in's and out's of genetic imprinting. Genetic imprinting is a very interesting phenomenon in which only genes from your mother OR your father is used, while most other cases, genes from BOTH your mother and your father are used. In other words, you have two of each gene - one from your mother and one from your father. In most cases, both copies of your genes are used. In imprinted genes, only genes from one of your parents are used. The lab I work in now discovered a cluster of genes that are imprinted, so I am speaking on behalf of our group - which means I am discussing some historical work that was done waaaay before my time. This is always a little bit intimidating, since I am representing someone else and talking about someone else's work...

Today's post doesn't have a whole lot to do with food so far, huh.

Here's what I plan on eating with my aunt:

Monday: A16 - Italian
Tuesday: Goi cuon (Vietnamese summer roles) at home
Wednesday: 33 Crossing the Bar - French Indian (not quite sure what this'll be like)
Thursday: Anzu - Sushi
Friday-Sunday: South Lake Tahoe

She flies out on Monday around lunch time, so we might get some dim sum before she flies out if we have time. It's going to be busy!

I have a interesting post up my sleeve in the works about a delicious meal I had at Jai Yun, a reservation-only prix-fixe-only no-menu Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. It might sound gimmicky, but the meal was absolutely about fabulous food. More on that soon...

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Yoko said...

Wow! I read your post today. You are so busy, too, Alice san! I know you have planned many things to welcome your aunt.

I understand the situation that you have difficulty in handling both your daily life and entertaining your guest(from Japan!).

Though I couldn't have dinner with you, I hope you had great time.
Please take a rest after everything has been done.