Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A little more chestnut love from Japan

Somehow I always manage to get myself sick before big events and holidays... Here am I with Christmas only a few days away feeling quite crappy... Sniff.

Anyway, Japan has a long tradition of cute, miniture works of art. Recently, there has been an explosion of miniature plastic food - a whole meals that fits on a place mat measuring less than 5 cm (<2 inches!). Clicking on the photos over at Yukihime's gallery will bring up a second shot with the ruler at the bottom. All hand-painted, these are really quite something!

It's no surprise then that many food products that one can buy in Japan come in cute little containers of their own. My uncle's favorite chestnut treat is contained in the most adorable claypot, complete with its own lid.


Yup, these are the treats I had with tea before. These claypots are maybe 2 inches in diameter, and are the cutest things I've seen! Too cute and sturdy to be single-use, I will probably use them as salt or sugar pots for dinner parties later - once I recover from my cold!

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