Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can this be true- East Bay Dim Sum?!

I always say that I live in a culinary desert, but is it really true? Once in a while, I am reminded that my assertions are not necessarily right. Tri-Valley Seafood Restaurant was one of those surprising and happy discoveries.

We had dim sum there this past weekend, and I have to say, this place rivals ABC or any of the other semi-exciting South Bay dim sum spots. Semi-exciting is key, and for exciting dim sum spots, check out my post here!

Surprisingly, the dim sum at the Tri-Valley Seafood Restaurant in the 'culinary desert of the Far-East Bay' was delicious. Everything about it was satisfactory with the blunt yet friendly service I've come to expect at dim sum joints, reminding me that the Far-East Bay wasn't too far from the South Bay. The seafood was fresh, the dumplings turned over quickly, and although variety was limited (no chicken feet!) and I actually had to write down my order to get all of my favorite dishes (I can't speak Chinese, but I can write Japanese enough to find a common ground) - like the ubiquitous tofu-skin roll you see in the picture here, everything that landed on our table was genuinely tasty.

Although nothing really stood out as being spectacular, nothing really stood out as being bad. As surprisng as this might sound, this is a high praise for the area I live and especially for a dim sum place, this is no easy feat. I am very happy to see that there is a stable dim sum spot just a few minutes away from my house. ...or do you think it's just that my standards are 'laxing?!

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The Papa Bear said...

No, I don't think your standard has relaxed. I think the place is quite decent and is worthwhile to visit, given that it's only a short drive away.