Thursday, October 06, 2005

It really is food...

These sticks are edible. Really.

Yes, they are what you think they are. They are generic slim jims - those spicy sausage treats that are staples at gas stations, powering many mileages during road trip - the chunks of grease and oil, squeezed together into tubes inside mysterious coating of who-knows-what.

I found these at a smoked meat stand at the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio. They were delicious in that road-trip kind of way. These were way better than slim jims, since the grease patches didn't feel as chunky in addition to actually tasting like meat. These sticks even had a smoky aroma to them, unlike that plastic oiliness that real slim jims have.

It's funny how I am calling fake food 'real' and real food 'generic', huh?

Why is it that road trips induce a sudden lapse in conscious eating? Does anyone else suffer from the same symptoms? I'm usually so very good when it comes to eating healthfully, but get me in a car - I'll eat chips, slim jims, and M&Ms all trip long!


The Papa Bear said...

I especially like the spicy one. These sticks are surprisingly "moist", so unlike their appearance.

Brett said...

For me, whenever I go on a long road trip, I start craving burgers, fries and milkshakes, which I almost never eat otherwise. I can't think of a road trip to LA when I didn't stop at In N' Out in Kettleman City. Maybe the association of being in the car on long trips reminds us (or me at least) of those road trips in giant station wagons when we were kids?

drbiggles said...

Ah, Kettleman City. The place with no grocery store! At least it's a decent place, not like Buttonwillow, egads.
Meat Sticks, yay! Fatted Calf has some wonderful ones, very nice.


Sam said...

what about twiglets?