Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Samosa-esque left overs

Last week, Anne had the Papa Bear and me over for dinner and made us a delicious dish that totally changed the Papa Bear's mind on English food. After we made several plates of her 'dish', we ended up with some left overs, which I quickly threw together to make a somosa-like appetizer.

I had some puff pastry and super thinly sliced potatoes. I mixed in some spices - namely cardamon, tumeric, peppers, cinnamon, cloves, and coriander - into the potatoes and wrapped them in puff pastry. They went into the oven and came back looking golden. Perfect for a quick lunch too!!

So, now, here's the challenge: can you guess which English dish Anne made us? It also had a few other ingredients in it, but the main ingredients can be found in my recipe above! You'll find the answer in tomorrow's post!


The Papa Bear said...

You have a way of spontaneously creating something new but is still familiar, yet tastes great!

Yoko said...

Oh my God, look at this baked brown color...This picture makes me hungry!

Only one English dish which I know is a kidney pie.., oh and mince pies. I have never tasted it, though. I look forward to your answer.

Alice said...

Thanks, Papa!


You're on the right track... and this one might be a difficult one to guess, since it was the first time I've ever had the dish myself!! I'll be posting answers on Friday, since I'm giving a second clue tomorrow!!!