Thursday, August 11, 2005

Traveling again...

I'm traveling again!!!

This time, it's for fun, but boy, all this traveling is getting a little out of hand. I feel like I need a get-away from my get-aways!!!

I'm off to the beaches in NC for the weekend!

Nothing like a croissant and cup of coffee to kick off a day of traveling! ...except I don't have a croissant like this anywhere around my neighborhood. This one is from the Japanese bakery chain, Anderson Bakery, in the SF Japantown. It sure was no Ja'pain', but vastly better than the mushy, oily croissant look-alikes that roam around my neighborhood!

Have a nice weekend and see y'all Sunday!


Sam said...

oh Alice - but we're NOT going to see you on sunday. We'll miss you but have fun!

Alice said...


So sad to have missed this get together... Can you please have another one soon...?