Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Coming Out

I'm spilling my little secret today. I'm coming clean, out of the closet.

Last night, I got drunk.

Yes, I got drunk.

I've ended my 6-month hiatus from alcohol, and although I was planning on doing it slowly, I ended up over-doing it last night - again. (almost brings that familiar Britney tune to my mind). I did show a lot more restrain that before, learning a few things from my 6-month hiatus. I didn't finish everything in my cup at the end, and I definitely didn't get sloppy. But I did wake up totally dehydrated, and my morning run felt like torture. I think my sweat smelled like sake...

That's why there's no pictures today. I didn't have time to format anything last night.

If you are wondering why I decided to take up drinking again after successfully staying dry for over 6 months, you are not alone. Sometimes I ask myself why I didn't want to stay dry anymore. It's not that I want to get rip-roaring drunk to release tension like I used to before. It's not that I feel like I need that glass (or bottle) of wine at the end of the day anymore. So then, why drink?

I've come to realize that those are all the wrong reasons to drink. Alcohol is just as much an epicurean art form - uniquely human in nature - and drinking alcohol can very much be appreciation of culture and human achievement. We are the only species to take the time and effort, passing on traditions, year after year to create drinks. And to have a drink is to celebrate those accomplishments.

Of course on days like today, I am kicking myself for over-celebrating...


The Papa Bear said...

Even when drunk, you had the capacity to say, "Enough!" And that was very good.

Eating sushi is not the same without sake; even a non-drinker like me can appreciate this fine point, and it's especially easy with good sake like what the chef was serving. Anything in moderation is always a good thing, though. And I'll exercise my Papa Bear authority next time. :)

I have to say that the 13-year-old plum wine knocked me on my butt. I think it did a number on you, too, since you slurped down a big glass.

umetaro said...

my life is a lot more exciting when i'm drunk.

Uchipu said...


When I read the title, I thought of something else.

pirorin said...

I didn't know that you had been away from drinking. Looks like it's done. So, that means, we can expect this blog will have an article regarding to drinks, right? Like, that bar is nice, boring, this soju is good, that sake is bad..etc.

I wish we have a chance to drink together!

Alice said...


Next time, I'll try to listen...


It sure made our evening more exciting last weekend!


I'm funny like that, aren't I??


Yes! Now that I am off the wagon, I'm ready for a night of sake debauchery soon!