Monday, August 15, 2005

Inspire me, Marzipan

I've had a whole slew of uninspired, tepid pictures on my blog lately, and I am about sick of it! I'm changing the course of it and doing something more than snapping boring pictures of unappetizing food!!!!

So here it is...

My attempt at being artistic with marzipan that my German friend, Jutta, brought back for me from Germany.

...I know, it's not much for artistic content.

I seem to have lost my touch with the camera.



The Papa Bear said...

Even the best of us (and you're one of them) has a bad day once in a while. Hang in there, Baby Bear; your running horse just came back. :)

jack said...

I disagree. Your pictures (until this one) were fine. But the thing is that your blog is interesting because of what you write about food. At least that is why I read it. When you get into food as art (your plating posts) then you start to lose me. But even a plate of bare fried chicken looks great when it is accompanied by your description. Don't get all arty on us please :-)

Sam said...

erhm - if you send that delicious marzipan to me, I could have a shot. i couldn't guarantee you'd erhmm, get it back, though!

Alice said...

Hi, Papa,

I think I forgot my running horse in Hawaii!!


I'm so glad to hear you like my writing! I've always thought my writing was my weakest part, and that I didn't quite have a niche in this food blog world besides my Japanese specialties...


To tell you the truth, I am not a marzipan fan... If you'll come out to brunch with me at Luka's, I'll bring you the rest of the marzipan!