Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What Minnie keeps in her fridge

One of the most exciting moments during my trip to Disneyland came when I had a chance to visit Minnie Mouse's house. I've always enjoyed peaking in other people's fridge contents, since I feel like I get a slice of their honest, down-to-earth, no-cover-up version of their regular day-to-day life. Other living areas can easily be 'cleaned up' for the day of visitors, but the fridge - there's no covering up there!

So, this is what I found in Minnie's fridge:
Yup, soda and cheese.

And more cheese on the door.

The girl loves her cheese! Jeez!! You'd think we'd see some veggies in her fridge, considering she could be a role model for all those young mice looking to be starlet girlfriends to the Rich and the Famous!

Mickey Mouse - as rich and famous as he is - lent his images to everything from benches to food, and it became some what of a game for me to try to locate all Mickey-shaped foods. Well, I didn't do too well, and if you all know more Mickey-shaped foods, let me know!!!

Here's what I actually ate in addition to yesterday's Mickey waffle:

A happy Mickey pretzel:
Mickey Pretzel

A Mickey McNugget:
Mickey nugget
And yes, as horrifying as a McNugget is with its unidentifiable chicken bits, I ate it.

I also found:
a Mickey ice cream bar
a Mickey lollipop
a Mickey pancake that looked more like the Papa Bear's sloppy pancakes that got mushed into one piece

Seems like there would/ought to be more! Disneyland connoisseurs, fill me in!


Robyn said...

My favorite Mickey shaped food to eat when I went to Disney parks was the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream pop. I never tried any other shaped foods though.

...that's a lot of cheese.

The Papa Bear said...

Uh, is that a compliment on my pancakes? :)

One of the funny moments was the one where you commented on how many baby mice Minnie would produce while looking at a pregnant Minnie character.

That a tough job those characters were doing, I tell ya, staying in costumes in hot and humid environment like SoCal.

Alice said...


I saw those ice cream bars! Next time, I've got my mind set on them!


I sure wouldn't be as nice to screaming children as those people were if I were in a hot Mickey suit all day long!