Friday, July 01, 2005

Utensibility: Some old favorites

I had grand plans for this post, but being the lame-o that I am, I didn't get my life in order before this weekend... Now, I'm in Disneyland, far away from my familiar kitchen with loads of very functional, very appropriate items for Sam's Utensibility meme...

So, instead of being a total lame-o and missing the meme all together, I am going to do a small compilation of the kitchen gadgets that I have featured in the past. I am justifying my recycling pictures because these are definitely high up in my 'favoriteness'!

First off: the meat slicer from shabu shabu post.

My sister gave this to me many Christmases ago, and ever since the Papa Bear first set his eyes on it, he's been smitten with it. Very smitten. He likes to slice and dice with this one so much that I have shabu shabu at home on a very regular basis. This meat slicer is able to produce the paper-thin slices needed for shabu shabu with relative ease and speed, which is pretty impressive for a home-kitchen gadget! I'm not entirely sure what the cost is, but I'm calling this one my expensive kitchen gadget!

Second place and my cheaper item is my steam espresso maker from my coffee grinder post:
I use this espresso maker almost every day, since I don't have a normal coffee maker. It brews a luscious smooth coffee that is the perfect note to start my morning and enrich my breakfast. Mmmmmm. Yum. I'll miss that morning cup of coffee tomorrow when I am sipping on stale hotel coffee!

OK, I've got a LOOOONG day ahead of me tomorrow, so I better get to bed! I saw a beignet place in Downtown Disney, so if I can sneak that in, I'll definitely post about it!


Joy said...


I've got a whole Disney eats post to help you out. Easiest way to find it is by going to my dining guide ( Have a great time -- I'm so jealous!

The Papa Bear said...

I can't believe it!!! Someone beat me to it, by leaving the very first comment to the post. And, I've been sitting here, next to the Baby Bear, waiting for her to publish so I could be the first one to read her post. Impressive!!!

Sam said...

Yeah, but Papa B, Joy is very special. She can 'whore' her way into many places that the rest of us have to queue, wait patiently or make reservations for. The other day, for example, she got me into The Slanted Door at the last minute even though there wasn't a single table available.

ALice I hope you are having a fab time in Disneyland. I am stuck here in SF with only the prospect of a foggy icnic on Stinson Beach to look forward to.

I am intrigued by the idea of a meat slicer. It sounds like a kind of 'meat mandolin'.

Alice - thanks so much for taking part, it means a lot to me that you published the post from somewhere exotic.

love sam

Alice said...


Your recommendations were wonderful. It really saved us a lot of anxiety!!!


You snooze, you lose!


You'll have to come over for shabu shabu one of these evenings!!!