Sunday, July 17, 2005

Plating art

Ever since my dinner at Gary Danko, I've become more and more interested in plating. I've found this to be almost as fun as taking pictures of the food, although much more challenging. I don't want to spend too much time plating, since I'm of the belief that food is best enjoyed as soon as it is done cooking. The time spent tinkering around can contribute to delays in the t=0 for consumption, which would ultimately lead to a shortening of the yummiest time period.

I found that my love for Belgian waffles merges very nicely with my new found interest in artful plating. I make my waffles extra crunchy on the outside, nice and cakey in the inside, and this combination allows for quite a long period of yumminess - definitely long enough time to work some art with chocolate and caramel syrups!

Much like the window art art kits, the squeezable syrup bottles allow for easy decorating. Unfortunately, my Hershey's syrup was a bit runny and dripped where I didn't want it to, I had a lot of fun this morning with my waffles! I'm so easy to please that after a few squeezes of syrup, I felt like my breakfast plate was special-occasion-go-out-breakfast worthy.

I couldn't decide which angle I liked better for the photos. Any thoughts?


The Papa Bear said...

I like the top picture. It shows off the "framing" much better.

haddock said...

Yep, I agree.

jack said...

Looks a bit like anpanman's face after a bout with baikinman.

But don't let that discourage you!

Alice said...

It's so interesting how I usually graviate towards the angled shot - but the less angled top view shot is a fun change - I'm going to be experimenting more on these agles!

Anpanman?! Sniff!