Sunday, June 12, 2005

Congrats, Nic and Gwyn!

I'm on my flight back to Oakland, and I can't be happier. These past few weeks have been absolutely brutal on my body!!!!! Compared to when I flew out to WV, I am doing a lot better. Some sniffles left...

Yesterday, Nic and Gwyn were married in a beautiful ceremony in the historic Hotel Morgan. The dining room there is gorgeous with elegance and sophistication. The stage and wooden dancing area in the front was cleared for the actually ceremony, and Gwyn's brother, Charlie, conducted a tender ceremony for his big sis. The ceremony was followed by a three-course meal, which concluded with what was definitely THE best wedding cake I have ever had.


Gwyn's mother spent 6 hours baking all four cakes - one 14', two 10', and one 8' cakes with a wonderfully tasty almond base. It was moist and rich without being overly buttery. I had the honor of helping her with the cake by poking toothpicks in all four cakes to mark where she should halve them and by slathering the strawberry jam in the middle.

cake2Gwyn's brother Garrett and their mother picked flowers and strawberries, and the Mogurin and Jana shipped blueberries in from NC. The mother of the bride, in amazing bravo, iced and decorated the cake the morning of the wedding, which meant a very long day that started at 5 AM for her.

It all paid off, since the cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious. The sweetness of the cake itself matched perfectly with the berries and the icing. The icing really complemented the berries and the cake layer very well and united the berries with the cake. See that strawberry jam in the middle? That was my handy work!! Don't worry, I made sure to wash my hands religiously as I was working on the cake to avoid a public health crisis...

The best part about their wedding was how Nic, Gwyn, and the two families added that personal touch to each component of the whole affair. From the ceremony being conducted by Charlie to the caligraphy on the invitations, each family member contributed so much to make the event as special as it could be. And the expression on Nic's face when he saw Gwyn for the first time at the wedding ceremony was so full of love, it made me tear up. Actually, I'm getting a little biit teary-eyed writing about it!!!!

At the end of the evening, with joyous exhaustion settling in on all of us, we saw the bride and groom off to their honeymoon suite. And then I dragged my sniffling self to bed, but not before the painstaking process of taking apart my bridesmaids' bun - consisting of 48 hair pins and more hair products in my hair than I've ever had in my life combined... and a scar on my scalp to prove I endured that hair-style for 14 hrs!

Congrats, Nic and Gwyn, on your beautiful day, celebrating the love you share! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special moments!

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