Wednesday, May 18, 2005

WED: Beef Noodle #1 is #1

I have a new favorite pho+? shop. Pho+? Ao Sen has been unseated...

Today, I had the most amazing bowl of pho+? at Beef Noodle #1 in San Jose. Yes, the name of the store really is Beef Noodle #1. And they are #1.

The soup combined the best parts of Pho+? Ao Sen and Pho+? Y. It was motherly yet powerful, nourishing while packing a punch. It was the perfect bowl of soupy goodness.

The small bowl seemed like it was on the small side, but that was because I ate it so quickly since it was so good. I slurped the entire bowl within minutes of starting, and I left no drops of the soup behind. The noodles had just enough chewiness to provide a lovely presence to the soup, and the noodles wore the soup like Donatella in her best Versace dress. The meats (my standard tai nam gau) all had different textures that added pure joy to the already delicious package.

It was exactly what I needed to power me through for the rest of the week... I haven't had a Wednesday Epicurean Debauchery (WED) post in a while for various reasons, but this was a bowl fit for a WED post. My bowl of pho+? was lusciously delicious!

Beef Noodle No 1
(408) 270-0600
1611 E Capitol Expy
San Jose, CA 95121


Jack said...

Yep. That one is the best. Reading about this is making me hungry!

Uchipu said...

So when are you going to come to Toronto for the Pho & Sandwich show down?!

The Papa Bear said...

What's amazing about this phở joint is that it's been around for a long time (over 7 years easily) and they still could maintain the quality to draw customers back. Usually, quality goes down with time at many eateries.

Uchipu, should we bring over some samples for the show down? Otherwise, you'd have to take our words for it. :)

Alice said...


I'm glad I've found the best! San Jose has the trophy right now for Best Pho!

Uchi pu,

Toronto this Summer! I'll bring my camera and Mactop to blog about the entire trip!


You're hometown's been redeemed for now, but it looks like you've got a challenger!