Monday, May 30, 2005

The stinkiest ice cream ever II

I guess this one was too easy for the Bay Area folks... Yup, the answer was Durian! That Durian ice cream had all the stinkiness of the most ripened durian! It was so strong that all five of us moved away from the Papa... We were relatively subtle about it, moving away from him slowly and gradually, but the Papa realized we were avoiding him when he noticed that we kept drifting from one corner of the store to another.

In fact, the Durian ice cream is so stinky that it didn't even make it on the list of flavors on the Polly Ann Wheel of Flavors. This wheel is great for less decisive or the truly adventurous! As you can see, there are numbers on the wheel and the numbers correspond to the flavors on the menu. The ice cream scoopers will spin the wheel for you and you get the flavor luck throws at you. There are 'free cone' spots as well, although I'm not sure if you get to choose the flavors or if you get a second spin to decide what the flavor of the free cone will be... And what if you get ANOTHER free cone in the second spin????

Anyway, if you look closely at the flavors list, you'll notice that the plaque for durian doesn't have a number associated with it! The store must have decided that the durian was really too much to be put on the list...

Some of the more interesting yet tame flavors were Sesame, Green Tea, and Ginger Peach you see here. With these fun and different flavors, if there were a Polly Ann shop near by me, I'd definitely stop by regularly!

For the remainder of the week, I'll be on travel, but I hope I can find time/access to blog regularly... I'll be posting tomorrow about some of my favorite Southern places, so check back tomorrow for sure!

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The Papa Bear said...

I think their Durian flavor is artificial. Durian is one of my very favorite fruits, but that durian ice cream was stinky, even for me! I'll just stick to real durians from now on.