Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Mast Head!

Did you notice something different with my blog today?!

I have a new mast head!!!!! We use to call it a mast head back in my college days, but it might no longer be called that, since the Papa Bear, who is knee deep in the computer field didn't know what a mast head was... I wasn't sure if I liked the two corner pictures on the bottom being bigger than the rest to provide a nook for the '', but I think it's grown on me. I know you never see the '' address, but I think it's easier to remember and fits in the nook better. Do you like it? Next on my list of blog improvement projects is to update my Links section. I started with some additions, but it's a work in progress...

Since I haven't quite finished off my grant proposal (due 5 PM on Monday), this is going to be a SHORT post. I'm procrastinating big time. My mast head - key procrastination tool. Oh well, it's 99 % done, and after all, I have until 5 PM tomorrow, right?

Check this out:
The goodness of Spring packed into a sandwich lunch. Where do you think I took this picture?

Here's a hint:
Yup, what you see is goat cheese and prosciutto. If you've been reading my recent posts, this is a dead give-away. Yes, I made this!

I sliced some wonderful Redwood Hill Farm Bucheret I had left over and piled it onto Vital Vittles 9-Grain bread I got at the Pleasanton Farmer's market. Also included were my Berkeley farmer's market lettuce and tomato, along with some left-over prosciutto. It didn't need anything else - mustard, mayo, ketchup, or anything else would've ruined the glorious Summer this sandwich predicted.

I sat outside in my front patio, enjoying the green hills, the quiet creek, and the Spring breeze while chomping on my sandwich. There couldn't have been a better choice for dessert than the luscious, juicy strawberries, straight from the Pleasanton Farmer's Market that morning.


umelissa said...

The mast head looks great! (And I'm certainly not biased because our taiyaki made the cut...) Good luck finishing the grant proposal!

Uchipu said...

Has nothing to do with your today's post, but I thought you might be interested in this article:

drbiggles said...

Uh, you took the picture outside?

Alice said...

Well, Doc... yes, outdoors... But I was thinking it could very well look like I took the shot at a fancy-shmancy outdoor cafe, no?

Our taiyaki is my flickr icon too!

So, how'd you like the masthead???

My proposal is done and submitted! Yippeeeeee!

The Papa Bear said...

I came back from a walk and there she was, munching on the special sandwich BY HERSELF and looking mightily relaxed!!! Hmmm... Ran low on the ingredients, didn't we?

Mike said...

Oh, that sandwich looks beautiful. I gotta have one.