Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Legendary XOX...

I've had a lot of 'dessert-ish' posts lately, but here is yet another dessert post. Ever since I quit drinking alcohol, I seem to have replaced my drinking with my sugar consumption, which doesn't bode well for my effort to lose weight. But oh well, I don't get paid for how I look, and the few extra pounds I carry is hardly enough motivation to deprive myself of the wonderful treasures life has to offer.

So, with that, here's my episode on my epicurean adventure in search of the legendary XOX truffles... I, as usual, had read about these XOX truffles over and over and over again on Chowhound, my trusted source of all Bay Area food recommendation. I was at the Ferry Building this weekend for the Farmer's market and decide to make a quick stop at the XOX Truffle shop on the way back since we had driven into SF rather than taking the BART. The shop is a small store front with counter seating along the window and a small showcase fridge with truffles of various flavors.


We ordered a hot chocolate and a coffee, which was a good thing, since the hot chocolate packed enough punch to last all but the toughest chocolate consumers a lifetime of chocolate overdose. I thought it was very good for the first few sips, but then as it cooled, it became a congealed, overly sweet concoction that needed a coffee chaser. I like the bitterness in chocolate, and the XOX hot chocolate didn't quite have the backbone bitterness to balance the sweetness, which became very evident as it cooled. This hot chocolate is likely best ordered in small quantities and consumed very quickly, and we likely missed the window of tastiness, while we were gawking at the truffles in the showcase...


We got two free truffle samples along with our drinks, and they were both very enjoyable. XOX truffles are very small, compared to many other truffles I've had. They are fragile in my mouth, and give in easily to the pressure generated by the tiniest movement in my jaw. I love that helpless yelp it almost gives out as it surrenders and its harder coating explodes, releasing its innards. It almost gives me a primordial pleasure of conquest. I think we had the amaretto and raspberry, both of which were good but not particularly memorable as flavors. The texture, which is common to all XOX truffles, seem to be where the pleasure of consumption is.

We ordered a bunch of flavors and took them to Anne's for a tasting on Sunday. Although we all enjoyed the texture, I have to say this - nothing was so ecstatic that it was a conversation stopper. I love the small fragility and silky texture of these little hand-made droplets, but their flavors are not striking enough to bring a strong sensation of guilty pleasure that must accompany such high calorie treats. If I have to work so hard to burn enough calories to compensate for my debauchery, treats of such stature must carry enough 'star power' to make it worthwhile.

My conclusion about the XOX truffles is that I would get them again if I happen to be in the area, but only as a single accompaniment to my coffee... They were very tasty, and oh-so-pleasurable to ravish in my mouth, but all aspects considered, where they worthy of the 30+ minutes I'd need to run to pay for my debauchery? I just don't know about that...

I absolutely did not have any hidden meanings when writing this post last night!!! Until someone, apparently with a _very_ dirty mind, told me how suggestive my descriptions were here, I completely missed it entirely!!! For those who don't know me, I swear, I am totally not that kind of girl!!


Uchipu said...

I think I have a use for these Truffels. I make "Chocolate Bomb" with small truffels that I get from a local candy store...WHEN I'm having guests.

Unlike Alice, I don't make desserts on a regular basis. It's too much measuring! Baking is certainly more "right brain" than "left brain" activity. Cooking food (roasting, grilling, stewing, etc.) I think is more "left brain" as it involves more senses. The sound of the gas, the sound of the food cooking, the aroma of the food, the taste of the food. You have flexibility to be creative and imaginitive with the outcome. Baking, on the other hand, always follows a close recipe of measurements to build the food. You must know the complex science behind certain chemicals (baking powder, yeast, flour, etc.)and how much will effect the outcome by how.

Anyways, I digressed...

Chocolate Bomb the Easy Way
- 1 Box of your favourite Chocolate cake mix (you can use brownie mix if you want the uber rich version)
- Cupcake Baking Sheet - you know, AKA Muffin Baking Sheet - the ones with 'cups'.
- Cupcake Tins
- However many smallish truffels as the number of "Bombs" you are going to make.

1) Freeze the truffels overnight.
2) Prepare the mix as the direction suggests. Preheat oven. If it says grease the pan, grease the cupcake tins as recommended.
3) Set the Tins in the baking sheet
Pour mixture half way.
4) Place the frozen truffles in the middle.
5) Pour mixture to make sure you don't see the truffles.
6) Bake as recommeded.
7) Turn over the baked cupcakes on to the plate, decorate with some raspberries and whipped cream (if you want)
8) Serve while warm.

The truffles would have liqufied, and it will ooze out like the famous "Molten Chocolate Cake".

Another way to do this, is make it in a Ramkin instead of the cupcake holder. In this case, I recommend you butter the Ramkins and coat it with some sugar before pouring in the mixture.

Naturally, if you are more talented than I am, you don't need to use the mix...

The Papa Bear said...

I didn't know that eating truffles could be so very exciting... Yikes!

Anonymous said...

the only flavor I really like from XOX is their Caramel!! The best anywhere.

Anonymous said...

the only flavor I really like from XOX is their Caramel!! The best anywhere.