Saturday, September 24, 2005

DMBLGIT #9 Entries - The Finale

We're on the last stretch of all DMBLGIT entries, which will officially end with tomorrow's post!

Entry #31:

Dagmar of A Cat in the Kitchen from Sweden kicks off the last edition of DMGLBIT#9 with these gorgeous, plump plums. I love the depth of field and the striking color contrast of the green and purple plums - and the playful shadows! Her post is full of interesting recipes for some very funky cocktails - like "Oil Spill" and "Monkey Brain"! If you're curious what these plums tunred into, make sure to stop by her blog!

Entry #32:

Jen from Roast Chicken Reasoning shares a local find (picked 30 km from where she lives!) and an extensive commentary on tomatoes with lots of interesting tidbits - vine-ripened vs picked before ripening. The heirloom tomatoes are just stunning in color - they look so vibrant that even their fragrance seem visible!

Entry #33:

As you can see from this frothy cup of java, Jennifer of Taste Everything Once from Spokane, Washington has a great coffee shop in her neighborhood. I love the choice of background in this photo! Along with the light and shade interplay, the background really highlights the texture and white of the froth.

Entry #34:

Niki in Melbourne Australia made me laugh when she discussed her drive to post an entry to keep her readership for her Ensurients - The Comfort Zone by being consistent. I feel the exact same way!!! This was a quiche she says she wasn't particularly overjoyed with but made it to the blog because of its photogenic qualities. And photogenic, it sure is!!! The texture, the shine of the tin, the contrasting colors all against the backdrop of the clean white - looks great!

Entry #35:

I have to confess. I am not sure if this is really the entry photo, since Sarah from LA of The Delicious Life didn't specify which one of her many splendid pictures of the Red Velvet Babycakes she wanted to enter... I loved the perspective of this photo and the three cakes all neatly lined by (and it was the first picture on the post), so I decided to enter this one on her behalf! I never would have guessed what the blue background was - and if you have a guess, stop over her blog to find the answer! And Sarah's writing is just so cute and clever, I had a few girly giggles while reading it!

Entry #36:

We have yet another IMBB: Let's get frying entry. This lovely photo from Napur of NYC on One Hot Stove gives us a good look at how wonderful street food can be in Bombay. Otherwise known as Vada Pav, these potato fritters sandwiched by two substantial pieces of bread is Bombay's answer to the burger. I'd take these fabulous fried treats over burgers any day. Seriously, look at how delicious and satisfying this Vada Pav looks! I can almost feel my teeth sinking into the chewy bread and the tender potatoes with garlic chutney bringing the components together! She also has a fun list of fried Indian food to prove her point that they've got this frying business down!

Entry #37:

Gemma from Chicago has quite the loaf to show us! On Part-Time Pro Bono Baker, she shares with us a enticing recipe for PaneAl Cioccolato, a union of yeast-driven bread and bittersweet chocolate. The contrasting texture of the top, smooth and shiny, with the bready look on the side makes for great photography! I can almost see the wonderful chew and bounce in the dough as one tears into this beautiful loaf!

Entry #38:

Vegemite in porridge?! Noodle Cook sure is making the Perth, Australia, origin very clear for this entry on An Electronic Restaurant! In this exciting depiction, Noodle Cook captures garlic infused olive oil floating in the spoon, waiting to emulsify right into the shiitake mushroom and chicken red rice porridge. I love the multiple shades and colors of the oil as it sits in the spoon!

Entry #39:

Belly Timber, regulars on Paper Chef among many other events, always pair stunning photography with spectacular recipes. The Friday Harbor, WA, duo brings to us yet another fabulous work of art for a SHF: Coffee entry - except this time, Mrs. D went solo for The Swift-Tuttle Dark Chocolate Espresso Berry Comet Truffle, and boy, does it look amazing. She includes a detailed recipe with great photo accompaniment, so grab some chocolate (you'll need it to satisfy your cravings as you read the post) and stop over!

Entry #40:

Chefdoc of A Perfect Pear (whose location I couldn't quite confirm...) is one heck of an artist! The presentation of this dish is vastly more beautiful than many restaurants I've visited recently. The colors of the paprika oil and the lettuce sauce, alongside the seared scallops, is so visually powerful, it literally qualifies to be art! IMBB: Let's get frying sure had some amazing recipes and photography!

Entry #41:

Sam just got back home to San Francisco from vacation and she's already jumping right back into the blogging world. From her inspirational Becks & Posh, she sends us these local heirloom tomatoes from Balakian Farms, exceptional tomato producers who get a slight extension to be included in the SF Foodshed at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market, despite being a tad bit geographically distant. It's easy to see why after seeing the wonderful variety, coloration, and vibrance of these heirlooms. Sam's photo skills really bring these heirlooms to life whose seeds are fitting to be considered treasures to pass down to future generations.

Entry #42:

Fatemeh from Gastronomie is another fellow Bay Area blogger whose quest for fine food lands her at many of my favorites. Here, we have my usual lunch suspect, the Vietnamese sandwiches. At $2.25, these crusty rolls filled with meats and marinated vegetables are a gift from the Vietnamese community to all those who share the neighborhood. In the background here is the Oakland Chinatown, where I am a frequent visitor as well. The framing of this picture is brilliant - the sandwich in its neighborhood - capturing the essence of both the meal and the neighborhood!

Entry #43:

Shauna, the Gluten-free Girl, from Seattle, WA, does more than share recipes and photography. She informs us about celiac disease, a little known yet not infrequent condition, and she brilliantly combines her love for good food with life-style changes as she produces mouth-watering gluten-free meals. Here we have an appetizing grilled cheese sandwich with seductively melting cheese spreading over amaranth (or Chinese spinach). What's amazing about this shot is that the cheese and oils look absolutely fresh, hot, and totally ready-to-eat, which is not an easy feat. To get that perfect shot like this one before everything starts to get cold and congealed - that's skills! By the way, her writing on amaranth is fascinating and high recommended.

Entry #44:

Lyn n from Tokyo, Japan is making me very envious with her posts at To Short Term Memories! I have heard (read) so much about this Pierre Herme boutique in Tokyo on my various Japanese food blogs, I am dying to make a stop next time I find myself in Tokyo (Jan, 2006)! Lynn gives us a peak by bringing to us these mousse collection, which seems rather pricy for ~$20, being that it's just three shot glasses full of mousse... But is it visually stunning? Yes! From the lighting to the placement of the spoon to the arrangement of the mousses, Lynn makes this shot look as delicate and precious as possible!

Entry #45:

Our very last entry is from Johanna of The Passionate Cook, who owes me a favor or two - she got a deadline extension AND she didn't even give me her blog URL, image URL, blog title, or location!!! After some detective work, I found her via her email address and googling! Her photo is deserving of the searching around, as you see here as she captures her mini blueberry & mint cheesecakes. I love the look of these cakes with their browned edges, deep blueberry bottoms, and adorable mint sprigs, giving a splash of green!

Well, ladies and gentlement, that's all I've got! All the DMBLGIT entries are over, and it's been a whole lot of fun! All the photos and posts were a pleasure to see and read, and it really reminds me what a diverse and wonderful community we have in the food blogging world. Thanks for all your contributions, and I will get back to all of you with the winners on October 1st! In the mean time, enjoy the photos and posts from all over the world, collected for DMBLGIT #9, right here on My Epicurean Debauchery!!


Shauna said...

Wow! Thank you so much for your evocative paragraph about my photo and writing. I'm really touched.

I'm also amazed at 1) the level of skill and creativity in photography here, and 2) your incredible acuity and speed at writing this up. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

oh alice, i really DO owe you a million favours! life's passing me by a bit lately, and I sometimes forget that there it is not money, but food that makes this world go round!!! thanks again!

MizD said...

Hi Alice! Thanks for the great write up!

I had my server set to disallow hotlinks (since we'd been hit with one that was mesing with my stats), but I've fixed that to allow your link so now my picture can be up with the rest of the gorgeous set!

Unknown said...

Hi Alice, thanks so much for rounding up all the photos and presenting them so nicely. That must've been such hard work!

Nupur said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful round-up! I cannot believe how much work has gone into putting this together!

Sam said...

you rock, Alice!