Monday, January 21, 2008

Resurrecting MED

I am coming out of retirement!

I have been wondering what to do with MED, even considering deleting it all together. I just haven't been eating out very much, which left me without anything to write about here. But recently, some of my friends and I decided to learn a new dish a month to cook at home - what perfect way to ressurect MED! I will log what we all make and associated recipes! I'll call these The Dish of the Month.

In between The Dish of the Month posts, I'll try to post what I can about my recently discovered healthful eating recipes. I have been on a judo-motivated weight loss program for the last few months and I seem to be onto something. I have managed to lose 10+ lbs since September, which is pretty good, considering that was about a 8% loss in total weight for me. :)

I'll also try to collect all the basic recipes for Japanese cooking under the Basics category... I have been requested to do this so many times, and I kept promising that I will... This time, I really will!

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