Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pork Roast: Mustard Version

I love the pork tenderloins they sell at Trader Joe's. The ones that are tubular in shape? They make great roasts that take about two seconds to prep and are great for a busy weeknight dinner. I dress the pork, throw it in the oven, go do something else for 15 min or so, come back to whip up a salad, microwave some more veggies, and voila! Dinner is served!

I have several different versions of the pork roast, but this one is what we are having for dinner tonight:

0. Turn oven on to 400F.

1. Cut pork tenderloin in the middle without slicing into two discrete pieces (just enough of a cut to allow goodies to be put in the middle).

2. Slather apricot jam/orange maramalade/or anything else like that in the middle.

3. Fold the pork closed and place in a roasting pan or Pyrex dish.

4. Mix:
1/4 cup mustard
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1.5 tbs toasted sesame seeds
1 tbs dried oregano
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

5. Slather mustard mixture on top of the pork.

6. Bake, 400F, 25-30 min or until center portion reaches at least 160F.


Anonymous said...

Not to question your cooking skills, but back in the days when I was still cooking meat at home, I thought tenderloins had better texture and were more tender when cooked at 300-350 for 40-45 minutes. But I am sure these were delicious :)

Alice said...


Yay! A legit comment!!!

I cut corners left and right for speed. The key to my cooking is in the speed to quality ratio. A busy girl has to do what she's got to do! :)