Friday, July 06, 2007

Let me taste test this...

I know, I know - Just after I said that I was going to blog more, I disappeared...

I have a whole lot of things to write about, including all the recipes we have tested at Izakaya Alice, but I have to find a good spot to blog in my new house. I just don't have the right set-up yet, but I think the Papa Bear will finally finish cleaning the Hobby Room, where I put my big crafting table. Since this was the Low Priority Room, he put all his junk (ops, did I say 'junk'?) stuff that he hasn't touched in 4+ yrs that he insists on carrying from house-to-house-to-house for three moves. Once that junk clears, I am setting up my Digital Darkroom there and voila! Back to blogging, I promise!

I saw this in the news today and I just had to say it:

Let me eat this Octosquid and I will tell you whether it is more Octopus or more Squid. I prefer it served as sashimi, but I will take it as a nigiri. If you want to make it really challenging, you can stew it.

I can totally see this as the next food trend in Japan: mystery creatures from the deep sea. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Those are not junk! They are on a queue for orderly, chronologically ordered disposal. And the queue has a time span of about 30 years.

See? There are rhymes, reasons and order to the chaos.


mollyfn said...

Oh boy do I know about that junk, it's all going before our trip to India or I'm throwing it away!

Was great to see you last week!

Bai said...

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