Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Culinary depression

I'm culinarily depressed. Usually, I look forward to dinner, starting around 3 or 4 PM, and the excitement and anticipation of what yummy things I can eat at the end of the day powers me through the afternoon lull and evening exercise. Both yesterday and today, I felt blah about dinner. Blah. It depresses me very much. Uninspired. Unexcited. Lacking passion. What a terrible feeling to have about dinner!

Even my images aren't cooperating with me tonight. I took some gorgeous asparagus pictures, but for some strange reason, the color gets all messed up when I do anything with the image outside of Photoshop, like opening the EXACT same file with a different images program.

And then, add insult to injury, the one I uploaded to Flickr looks really bad - even worse than any of the other 'versions' of the EXACT same file - capturing NONE of the vibrant green that almost eased my culinary depression tonight. It's washed out and the colors are just WRONG. Looks nothing like the Photoshop version (which was essentially the original image from my camera, cropped). Blah. I am ashamed of this picture, but it's just totally and perfectly reflects how tonight has felt. Sorry, Mr. Asparagus.

Tomorrow, I have dinner plans with the ladies at Luka's Taproom. I hope that will pry me out of my culinary depression.

Blah. I will now go crawl into a fetal position and hide.

PS: Any suggestions for my image/computer/Flickr problems?


Sam said...

that green looks really vibrant to me. We have regularly calibrated monitors.

Anonymous said...

Could be your monitor. It looks really beautiful on my new 20" widescreen LCD monitor.

If you have dinner BLAH night...Do this.

Go to your local supermarket, and purchase Boar's Head Roast Beef. (or whatever that's on sale) About half a pound per serving. Go buy a really crusty, yet light French Baguette. Go get an Onion. Go buy the most expensive version of your favorite cheese, other than blue. (Me, it's Parmesean Reggiano)

Carmalize the onions SLOWLY with a touch of EVOO. Throw in the Beef. Throw in the cheese. COVER, turn off heat, and wait til the cheese to melt.

Shove every bit of the juice, cheese, beef, onions into the bugette.

It's one of those foods that will have everything you need to feel better.

anne said...

I think that's a pretty green!
Sorry about your dinner doldroms. I've been suffering a bit of the same lately - I just don't know what I want to eat, and what would be good. Usually something really sour or spicy perks me back up to a normal state, but not even that today! If I were back in college this would be fixed by a fried donut a la mode - take a glazed donut, split it in half like a bagel, butter each cut side, fry it on a grill pan until it gets nice and toasty and the glaze gets slightly crunchy on the edges, and top it off with ice cream. They used to sell this at the local diner for $1.99. It's no wonder there's a freshman 15.

The Papa Bear said...

Aw! It's one of those days, isn't it? But your dinners are always sooo very good - even on those days.

You have a standing offer to get your LCD monitor calibrated.

Alice said...

Wow, everyone, thanks for all the comments! Fatemeh, you're right. The burger was the comfort food I needed tonight. Sam, The Papa Bear has been trying to get me to calibrate my monitor, so maybe I should do that... Starchmouse and my dear anonymous commenters- those recipes sound great. I'll keep them in mind for sure. A "fried donut" is almost like "raw sushi", but your fried donut is really double fried, so the analogy would perhaps be more like a "fried tonkatsu". That's intense stuff. Like the freshman 15, I bet there is a third decade 30 coming up my way soon...